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Password Self Service Step-By-Step Instructions

Best Practices
  • Associates must complete all steps in the Action Item. If they exit early or skip steps, their account will be automatically locked.
  • Associates cannot use their name as part of their password.
  • In Step #2, associates must click "Cancel" when the Windows security box appears. In Step #9, associates must enter their User Name and Password when the Windows security box appears. If "Cancel" is clicked in step 9, the account will be locked.

Step #1 Reset Password and Create Security Questions.  

Step #2 Click "Cancel" when the security Window appears.

Step #3 Click "Set/Reset Password".

Step #4 Click "I Agree".

Step #5
  • Provide your user name (Employee ID).
  • Leave domain as PIERFW1.
  • Click Submit.

Step #6
  • Input your temporary password.
    • Please contact your manager for this information.
  • Click Submit.

Step #7
  • Enter a password. The password must meet the following requirements. Note: After entering your login information it could take up to a minute to process the change.
    • Must be at least 7 characters in length.
    • Must contain characters from at least three of the following four categories:
      • At least one uppercase character (A-Z).
      • At least one lowercase character (a-z).
      • At least one number (0-9).
      • At least one non-alphanumeric symbol (!, $, #, or %).
  • Click Submit

Step #8
  • You've reset your password and now need to create your security questions.
  • Click "Create Security Questions".

Step #9
  • Enter User Name and Password (the password you just created).
  • Click OK.

Step #10            Click "Create Security Questions".

Step #11
  • Select three questions and provide an answer to each.
    • Note:You cannot use the same question for all three and each answer must be different.
  • The last question is the Help Desk Question for when associates call Systems Support.

Step #12
  • You're now registered.
  • If your account is locked or you have forgotten your password you can now service your account without needing to call Systems Support.